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Creative exploration can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and healing.

What is Art Therapy? 

Art Therapy is a combination of creative process with therapy. It provides a new way to explore beyond the use of  left-brain logic and words. We can use creative expression like modality, colour, shape, size, texture, and movement - paired with embodiment, and mindfulness as a way of processing and exploring in a new way.


  Using creativity for healing is not new. 

"For thousands of years, humans have been turning to the healing rhythms and synchrony of the arts to confront and resolve distress. After all, aliveness is not an experience we think or talk ourselves into; it’s state of being we enter when we feel things like joy, compassion, and inspiration, a state the expressive arts have helped people experience since the very dawn of civilization." (Malchiodi, 2019)

Notice your inner reaction to the idea of being creative.

For many of us, there is a resistance or fear that arises in relation to art-making and creative expression. We become adults and think "creativity is just for kids" or "art is just for artists." My belief is that creativity is innate to all of us and is our true nature. By returning to our creativity, we gain access to a part of ourself that has been forgotten.



Art Therapy can be helpful in supporting you with..

  • Working through creative blocks

  • Exploring inner conflict

  • Processing emotions

  • Fostering connection to your inner child

  • Inner critic work

  • Perfectionism

  • Feeling disconnected & returning to connection with Self

  • Self-esteem & self-worth

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Relationship struggles

  • Moving through stuck energy

  • Stress & Burnout

  • Childhood trauma

  • And more

Click here for how to prepare for your session

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