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New Moon Heart Healing & Activation Circle

Healing in community + The energy of the new moon + Multidimensional crystalline ​energy healing + Heart-focused healing & Heart activation

How has your heart been feeling lately? 


Our hearts carry our grief, sadness, loss, joy, bliss, unconditional love, compassion, and more. Our hearts have memories, imprints, energies, wisdom, messages, and the power to heal ourselves, others, and the world.

Many wisdom traditions and spiritual ideologies believe our next phase of evolution is to learn to truly live from our hearts. From a place of deep alignment with our soul, mission and purpose. To move from division, seperation, fear, and hatred... to acceptance, understanding, love, connection and belonging.

It's time to drop out of our minds and tune into the wisdom of our hearts. 

It's time to come together in community.

It's time to reconnect with our authentic soul Selves.

Are you feeling your heart calling out for healing?

Calling all sensitive, courageous, strong, curious souls.. the time is now! Our hearts are ready to release the burdens they.'ve been carrying, to transmute the density into light, to transform the pain into wisdom, and to learn how to give AND receive love.

This will be an evening of ...

Deep cellular healing

Energetic recalibration

Nervous system care

What to expect

Each group is guided intuitively so the structure may change based on the groups energy. You can typically expect an initial check in circle to set our intentions for the healing. Then, you lay down in the comfort of your home and simply receive. We may do a brief closing sharing circle, collective messages, or other practices and offerings that feel aligned for the collective.


You may feel...A deep state of relaxation, energy flowing, a sense of nourishment, healing, expansiveness, love, embodied, connection, grounded, light, calm, safety, peacefulness, feeling more connected to your Self, and a deeper sense of spiritual connection.

I look forward to seeing you!

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