Blades of Grass


Plant medicines - Psychedelics - Non-ordinary States of Consciousness

Have you been looking for open, understanding and non-judgemental professional support for an experience you've had with plant medicines or psychedelics? Are you considering attending a ceremony but want to ensure you are ready mentally and emotionally for the experience? These journeys benefit from adequate preparation and integration as the experiences can be beautiful, dark, confusing, overwhelming, and potentially life-changing. 

Experiencing other states of consciousness can cause you to become intensely aware of emotions, traumas, and fears. These experiences may also cause you to connect more deeply with yourself and the divine. You may gain new perspectives and insights, process past experiences, gain access to blocked emotions, deepen your relationship with self and others, and much more. 

By working together in preparation, we can:

  • Prepare mentally and emotionally for the experience

  • Identify clear intentions

  • Explore hopes for the journey, as well as fears and worries

  • Prepare for the ups and downs of the journey

  • Create a plan for post-ceremony

In our integration sessions, we can:

  • Provide you a safe and accepting space to talk about your experience

  • Learn how to integrate your experience into daily life

  • Find meaning out of your experience

I provide a trauma-informed and harm-reduction approach for preparation and integration which combines my education, training, and personal experience. I do this work from a place of honouring and respecting these ancient plant teachers and other medicines deeply.

For more information on the importance of integration, please refer to 'Psychedelic Sanity: The Importance of Integrating Psychedelic Experiences' by MAPS Canada. 

Disclaimer: I do not promote the use of psychedelics or other controlled substances, provide psychedelic-assisted therapy, or provide information on how to obtain psychedelics or other controlled substances. Laws and regulations around psychedelics and controlled substances are different depending on your location around the world. If you are interested in being a participant in legal psychedelic-assisted therapy research trials, please visit