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1:1 somatic, soul-based, heart-led
healing containers


It's time to come home to your true Self,
access deep inner wisdom,
tap into innate resources of love,
compassion and creativity,
reclaim an embodied existence,
and cultivate a sense of wholeness,
alignment, and aliveness

Do you believe it's possible?


Plant Shadows

I'm ready to feel more

Embodied and empowered

In-tune with my emotions, desires, wants and needs

Liberated from the negative impact of my early life experiences

Freed from long-standing patterns and cycles

Worthy and deserving of love and support

Connected to my true authentic self

Harmony in my relationships

Compassion for myself and my experiences

In alignment with my values, beliefs and the life I desire

Connection to intuition and deep inner wisdom

Safety and support

Wholeness and aliveness

Inspiration for our work together

holistic modalities focused on root-cause healing

Somatic/Body-Based Approaches

Parts Work inspired by Internal Family Systems, Inner Child Healing,

Inner-Reparenting, Soul Retrieval, and Shadow Work

Theta Healing®

Past Life Regression & Beyond Quantum Healing

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Art Therapy & Creative Expression

Nervous System Support

Guided Visualization & Imagery

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Subconscious Belief Work

Intuitive & Spiritual Support

Choose Your Path

1:1 Holistic Counselling Container

The foundation of this container is counselling

inspired by somatic therapy, internal family systems, inner child healing, and more. We can weave in healing arts and alternative healing modalities as desired to create a safe and supportive container for healing. This is well-suited for folks who have never been to counselling, or are seeking out a new counsellor that aligns with your current phase of healing.

1:1 Somatic Soul-Based Coaching & Healings Arts Container

The foundation of this container is somatic and soul-based coaching in combination with healing arts. This is perfect if you have been working with a therapist already and are now ready for the next phase in your self-exploration journey. This is not a replacement for therapy and is not suitable for folks who are in the initial stages of trauma healing. 

Image by Alexey Demidov
1:1 Somatic Art Therapy & Creative Healing Container

The foundation of this container is art therapy and the power of creative expression to heal. In this journey we will use somatic awareness and creative expression as the main form of exploration and healing. This is perfect for those who are desiring to recover their creativity, ignite creative energy inside, have creative accountablility, and heal through somatic & creative methods.

Plant Shadows

this work is aligned for folks looking for support with

Let's Break Cycles Together

self-esteem, self-worth, confidence,
authenticity, people-pleasing, perfectionism,
self-compassion, creative blocks,
shame, fear, sadness, resentment, anger,
chronic pain, illness, disease,
masculine & feminine healing,
childhood trauma, attachment wounds,
anxiety, irritability, shutdown, disconnection,
family and relationship difficulties,
exploring your spirituality, sexuality, relationship style,
life purpose, goals, and meaning.


Options & Investment

Customized 1:1 healing journeys to meet you where you are at and take you where you want to go.

All initial commitments are for 12 sessions in total.We can discuss what flow and frequency makes sense for you during our initial call.

Option 1:

3 month 1:1 healing container of your choice

Weekly 75 minute sessions for 12 weeks (Total of 12 sessions)

With between session integration practices

Option 2:

4 month 1:1 healing container of your choice

Weekly 75 minute sessions 3x per month followed by one week off for 16 weeks (Total of 12 sessions)

With between session integration practices

Option 3:

6 month 1:1 healing container of your choice

Biweekly 75 minute sessions for 24 weeks (Total of 12 sessions)

With between session integration practices

After completing your initial healing container we use a collaborative approach to figure out the next steps. There is always the option to pause and integrate, and/or commit to a new healing container.

Reaching Out

You may be ready for a 1:1 healing container if..

you feel like you've hit a plateau or stuck point on your healing journey

you feel an intuitive pull to try out new modalities like somatic healing

you crave support that honours your uniqueness instead of a one-size-fits-all approach

you seek a supportive space where you can show up as your whole and authentic self 

you feel a sense of readiness, spaciousness and excitement for more

you desire a more supportive and intimate
 approach to healing to take you deeper in a safe and supportive way


Ready? Here Are The Next Steps


Follow your curiosity and intuition.

Book your initial exploration call. We will use this call to determine if we are a good fit before moving forward with working together. I can  answer your questions and give you more information about this healing work.


Commitment to yourself and your healing.

If we determine we are a good fit on the exploration call: We will take the next step and book your regular appointment (weekly, biweekly or 3x/monthly) for your initial 12 session container. 


Surrender into your journey.

We co-create a safe container for deep transformation. All you do is show up, trust the magic of your own inner wisdom, and surrender into your healing process. And I will be by your side along the way.


Time to reflect, integrate, and celebrate the healing.

At the end of your 12 session container we will collaboratively explore the next steps. You may take time to pause and integrate, or flow directly into your next 12 session container.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


  • Are You Ready? Here Are The Next Steps!
    Book an initial exploration call (click here to book). If we determine we are a good fit: We will book your initial 12 session container together at a weekly, biweekly or 3x/month pace. I will send you a consent form to sign prior to our first session (Don't worry: It is very quick and easy, I do not ask for an extensive amount of sensitive and personal information upfront). Show up, surrender to the process, trust your inner wisdom, and know you have me as a guide and healing companion for the journey! At the end of our first 12 sessions we will reflect, celebrate the healing, integrate, and determine the next steps. You may choose to move right into another 12 sessions, or pause for a couple of weeks or more to integrate before starting again.
  • Session Length, Options & Investment
    Session Lengths & Fees 60 minute session: $200 + GST 75 minute session: $250 + GST *75 minutes is my standard session length 90 minute session: $300 + GST Extended Session Options Certain modalities require or have the option of an extended session. Extended Hypnotherapy (2 hours): $380 + GST Past Life Regression/Beyond Quantum Healing (2 hours): $380 + GST Full-Length Past Life Regression/Beyond Quantum Healing (3 hours): $450 + GST Groups & Workshops Rates vary, please check out each individual event page for more information on fees.
  • Availability & Scheduling
    I work with folks between 8am-3pm Pacific Time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (Each day varies a little but is always between those hours). I do not work in the evenings. If our availability does not align: Unfortunately we will not be able to work together.
  • Couples, Group, Family & Youth Therapy
    At this time I am only offering individual sessions. I do not offer couples counselling or other group therapy. I only work with folks who are legally adults in the place they reside. I do not work with kids, youth, or young adults who are minors.
  • Initial Exploration Calls
    I offer 45 minute intial exploration calls at a reduced rate of $111 + GST. These calls are not counselling/coaching/or for doing inner work. They are a no-pressure chance to meet, ask questions, learn more, get a feel for each other and see if it is a good fit before moving forward. If we choose to move forward: We will schedule your sessions and I will give you additional information on how to prepare for our healing work together.
  • Accepting New Clients
    I am accepting a limited number of new clients in January 2024. Please check out my offerings page for important information. You can also check my booking area for a new client waitlist and sign up to be contacted. Click here.
  • ICBC, CVAP, FHNA, Other Organizations & Funding
    I am not a registered service provider for ICBC, FHNA, CVAP or any other agencies, organizations or programs.
  • Insurance Coverage & Billing
    Every insurance plan is different. Please check with your provider to see what your plan covers. I am designated as a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). Please check if your plan covers this designation. I do not offer direct billing. After each session I provide an invoice which will provide you all of the information you need to submit the claim to your provider.
  • Reduced Rate/Sliding Scale
    At this time I do not offer lower cost/sliding scale services. There are a variety of free and lower cost options if you live in Vancouver or BC, such as: ​ Liberate Counselling Collective Affordable Therapy Network Ciel Community Counselling Qmunity Resource Centre First Nations Health Authority Urban Native Youth Association Vancouver Black Therapy & Advocacy Foundation Health Initiative for Men ​ And you can find many more on an amazing compiled list by: Quadra Wellness
Image by Alexey Demidov

Answer the soul call

Why wait any longer to take steps towards the life you're dreaming of?

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