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Connect with past lives.

Receive higher guidance.

Gain clarity in your life.

Discover the root cause.

Release the past.

and more.


Beyond Quantum Healing is a multi-dimensional, intuitive, heart-centered, and energy-based past life regression modality.

Past life exploration is incredibly valuable. It allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your current life, struggles, relationships, illness, trauma, experiences, and more.


These sessions can provide an expanded perspective, releasing of wounds from the past, and a sense of deep wisdom, clarity, and empowerment.

Common intentions

Exploring career path, life transitions, emotional concerns, health problems, life purpose & mission, seeking guidance & clarity, understanding relationships, curiosity about past lives, wanting to connect with your spirit guides, exploring your spirituality, seeking deeper understanding about yourself at a soul level, and more.

For each session, you can prepare a list of questions

For example:

Why did I choose my current family?

Can I communicate with my deceased loved one?

Why am I incarnated on earth at this time?

What is my life purpose?

Is my current job in alignment with my purpose?

I'm having health issues and would like to know why.

Why have I never had a good relationship with my parents?

What am I here to learn during this lifetime?

What is my soul contract with my current partner?

and more..

What to expect in session

We start with a conversation where we will talk about your intentions for the session. Then, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation where we may visit multiple past lifetimes (Or more! Anything is possible. We may goto parallel or future lifetimes, or wherever your higher guidance decides you need to go to receive the healing you are looking for). We typically go to key moments within those lifetimes, as well as visiting a place for healing and gaining answers to your questions. After you are brought back to regular waking consciousness we will spend some time de-briefing where we will talk about the journey.

There are two session options:

Full Length Beyond Quantum Healing Session: ~3 hours where we can explore and gain insight on up to 10 questions which can span across a variety of topics.

Shorter/Focused Beyond Quantum Healing Session: This 2 hour session is more focused than the full length session. I recommend choosing one topic to explore and bringing up to 5 questions related to that topic.

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