Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a multi-dimensional, intuitive, heart-centred, and energy-based spiritual healing modality.



Beyond Quantum Healing is an evolution of  Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and was developed by Candace Craw-Goldman who studied under Dolores Cannon. From many years of practicing quantum healing - Candace realized the need for an approach that allowed for the integration of the practitioners own intuition, more flexibility to allow a wider range of experiences, as well as space for the practitioner to integrate other healing modalities.


BQH is a hypnosis method similar to past life regression. It allows clients to connect to their higher selves, guides, angels, and/or whoever will help the client gain the answers they are looking for. The goal of the session is to quiet the conscious mind so that we are able to hear the guidance from the higher self who is always guiding us, but sometimes we cannot hear or see this.

In a BQH session you may gain access to past, future or parallel lives, early childhood memories, or wherever the most important place is based on your intention for the session.

This session will allow you to tap into your own inner wisdom. This is an empowering approach: I, the facilitator, am just a guide.

All healing is SELF healing.

Why would someone seek out a BQH session?

For almost any reason. Physical ailments, mental health, career and life path, relationship exploration, curiosity about past lives, wanting to connect with spirit guides, explain paranormal experiences, and more.

Some example questions and curiosities are:

Why did I choose my current family?

Can I communicate with my deceased loved one?

Why am I incarnated on earth at this time?

Am I on the right life path?

Should I quit my job?

I'm having health issues and would like to know why.

I think I may have had an ET experience when I was 10. Can I find out?

I had a near death experience once. I want to ask about that.

I would like more contact with my spirit guides.

Why have I never had a good relationship with my parent?

and more..

Sessions are typically around 3-4 hours - $330

Bookings for BQH are done via email so please contact me to inquire further and/or book your session.