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Counselling inspired by somatic therapy, internal family systems, inner child work, transpersonal and spiritual approaches, mindfulness, feminism & anti-oppression, polyvagal theory and nervous system support, and shadow work.

Our work together will always be...




Holistic &


I believe in an open-minded and heart-centered perspective to healing. By taking a non-pathologizing approach: You are not seen as being broken, flawed or needing to be fixed. We are also not going to demonize the thoughts, behaviours, or emotions that have brought you to therapy. We will explore your symptoms (anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, interpersonal conflict, people pleasing..) together from a place of compassion & curiosity using them as trail-markers to follow. We will uncover the messages that your symptoms are communicating and listen to their wisdom. Our bodies, the different parts of ourselves, and our own inner healer can guide the way to healing. We just need to learn how to listen.

In our work together: we will practice cultivating loving awareness for ALL parts of you (even parts that are negatively impacting your life, such as your inner critic, self-sabotaging parts, anxious parts, avoidant parts, perfectionist parts, over-working parts, and more), learn inner re-parenting, connect with your inner child, foster self-awareness and self-compassion, gain deeper insight into the past and present, examine the external forces that have impacted you (such as heteronormativity, patriarchy, etc), understand AND feel your emotions, increase your ability to tune into your body and the present moment, and tap into your own innate inner wisdom and resources.

 By working together I can support you with:

  • self-esteem, self-worth and self-criticism

  • relationships

  • family-of-origin work, notably adult children of emotionally immature and 

    narcissistic parents   
  • people pleasing & boundary setting

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • childhood trauma, relational & attachment wounds

  • soul-based trauma: past life, lineage, spiritual, psychic trauma +

  • societal wounds & "gender-based" issues: the impacts of white supremacy, patriarchy, etc. 

  • LGBTQ2SIA+ support

  • exploring relationship styles

  • inner child work

  • trauma, ptsd, cptsd

  • perfectionism

Sessions are intuitively-guided, collaborative, and honour your unique human experience. 

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